Legendary dwellings: Atlanta, 2003.

I've always had a strong passion for unique living spaces and have aimed to design surroundings that complement my creativity. The images you see above are from my former loft near Little Five Points in Atlanta, Georgia: a physical manifestation of Remark Central. I lived in and owned this property from December 2003 through April 2011. My loft was located in a community called La France Street Lofts, comprised of 90 units built from a former lumber storage warehouse.

It was very exciting living in this space, for I brought a vision to life that I had wanted to do for years. I thought of my loft as being more like a lounge than a home, complete with a video projector, DJ booth, exposed architecture, and lighting to fit any mood. My former partner and I hosted tremendous memorable parties there — including some legendary New Year's Eve parties (200720092010), just to name a few. Most of our friends thought of the loft as being a neighbourhood mini-nightclub, and during this time, my loft was showcased on various websites and a handful of publications for its forward-thinking design and club-like inspired decor. I used to showcase various images of my Atlanta loft from pre-construction through to the final version, but I've opted to feature only the last set of promotional photographs taken in 2010, a year before I moved to London. You can enjoy those images by viewing the rotating gallery above.

Across the pond: Kingston Upon Thames, 2011.

In the spring of 2011, when I relocated my life to the UK, all of my possessions were downsized and shipped overseas. Upon arriving in London, I was tasked with finding a place and I yearned for something comparable in size and aesthetic. As you can imagine, this was nearly impossible considering that London had one of the highest costs of living (although this has changed substantially since the misguided Brexit decision). It's still an expensive city, and in order to find something with a bit more space, I decided to move a bit outside the city centre to Kingston Upon Thames. During my six year stint at that location, I created a quaint, smaller version of Remark Central instead. Although not as spacious, industrial, nor bold as my former loft in Atlanta, it still had unique charm and sat right on the River Thames. You can see what my living space had transformed into by clicking through the gallery below.

Cohabitation: London, 2017.

After living in my flat in Kingston since 2011, more change came in the spring of 2017. Luis and I took the long-awaited plunge and moved in together in central London. After a few months of looking long and hard, we ended up finding a unique and cool converted warehouse in northeast London that was built in 1912. Our flat straddles Islington and Hackney boroughs, areas that ironically remind me of Little Five Points in Atlanta, where I used to live.

Moving into our new place meant upgrading much of what we had. We purchased a new dining table, sofa, sideboard, vintage dresser, refurbished school locker, coffee table, and bed. I also upgraded my infamous DJ console — yes the orange one was transformed into a more minimal, modern white DJ booth custom built in Germany by Hoerboard. Luis also built us a new industrial wardrobe for our clothing, and we still have more accessories and lighting to purchase. It's been a design overhaul to say the least! I'll be sure to post photos once we get the flat into a place that's ready to be fully presented. In the meantime, the gallery below contains photos of our space before we moved in, and a bit of what the building looks like from the outside. As you can see, it harks back to the design language of my warehouse loft in Atlanta, which I of course love. Luis also loves the look and feel of the space. And given that he's a theatre designer by trade, he has some amazing ideas on what to do with the space as well.

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