Since you can't live forever, create things that do.

Welcome to Remark Central, my somewhat-like-a-blog personal website. This online representation is a digital culmination of my creative output, as well as a collection of other personal and passionate interests — something I like to refer to as the Remark brand. I believe that despite the limited time we have in this world, we should aim to make things that last forever, for our creative spirit is truly immortal. And in this manic, anxious world we live in today, being creative is more important than ever. To quote one of my greatest musical influencers, Tori Amos: “The only way to combat destruction is with creation.”

A philosophy.

Ever since my youth, I've defined myself through my passions. This has evolved and become even clearer and refined as I've aged. On this site, I showcase these passions which are comprised of various images, sounds, people, and links that make me who I am.

I firmly believe that life is about living in and for the moment. I revel in music. I was born to DJ. I am a leader, thinker, and motivator. I am driven, independent, and full of spirit. I purposely avoid negative energy and strive to avoid conflict. I desire harmony and connection. I am hopeful. I am pensive. I am introspective. I am grateful. I crave serenity and solace in nature. I am a sexual being and enjoy sensual physical expression. I celebrate body positivity, fitness, nudity, and optimistic self-esteem.

A summary.

I've had a personal website in some form or another for almost 20 years. What you're viewing today is the latest iteration of that creative intention. This website brings together ten primary elements of my creativity and passions:

  • Gallery: An archive of selected artistic photographs taken of me

  • Luis: The story about my husband

  • Wedding: Highlights from our magical wedding day

  • World: A mini-blog of my living situation and world travels

  • Sound: A personal summary of my DJing history

  • Photo: My passion for photography, images, and media

  • Form: An overview of my body transformation and focus on fitness

  • Beard: A page discussing my interest in beard culture

  • Spaces: A stroll through my current and previous living spaces

  • Pet Shop Boys: A fanpage dedicated to my favourite musical duo

I keep these pages updated regularly and often add images, tweak layouts, and include new elements or stories. In addition to these featured pages, I also leverage this site as a springboard into my other forms of online presence: additional social media and other music-related sites and services.

More about me:

Location: London, United Kingdom.

Origin: United States of America.

Relationship status: I am married to Luis F. Carvalho.

Reason for existence: Pet Shop Boys.

Paradise: New Zealand.

Primary creative outlet: Creating mixes and emotional soundscapes.

Stress release: The gym.

Favourite cinematic works: The Lord of the Rings (extended editions), followed by Melancholia and Control.

Two songs that define me: Röyksopp, “I Had This Thing” and David Bowie, "Lazarus".

Myers-Briggs personality type: ENFJ.

A life of interests and experiences.

MusicMy husband. Family. Friends. Technology. Hiking. Exploring national parks. Driving rural roads. Days in the mountains. Being near water. Enjoying the sun. Art. Philosophy. Minimalism. The sociology of social networking. Ambition. Travel. Mentorship. Beards. The male body. Tattoos. Pondering religion and its global implications. Agnosticism. Avoiding mainstream media. Shirtlessness. Cultural awareness and agility. Worldliness. Making new friends. Staying fit and admiring people who do. Fresh coffee first thing in the morning. Clean white sheets. Nudism. Graphic design. Emotional intelligence. Taking photographs and being photographed. Getting lost in Iceland. Dreaming of New Zealand. Drinking red wine. Having memorable moments with self-aware people.

Music is the answer.

Music literally rules my world. It is the one and only eternal constant and it has consumed all of my years of existence. Below is a shortlist of just some of the artists who have shaped me into who I am today. It's a mixture of various inspiring influences, from electronic to pop to new wave to acoustic to dance to ambient.

Pet Shop BoysTori Amos. Editors. Sigur Rós. Hurts. Duran DuranJoy Division. New Order. Depeche Mode. Goldfrapp. Röyksopp. GusGus. Slowdive. Chromatics. Sasha. Janet. Madonna. The Mary Onettes. Maximilian Hecker. Carbon Based Lifeforms. Guy J. The Smiths. The Irrepressibles. John Digweed. Moby. Quivver. Chicane. BT. Way Out West. Jónsi. Grand National. The Daysleepers. Bitcrush. Engineers. William Fitzsimmons. Readymade. Beach House Massive Attack. Death Cab for Cutie. Antarctica. José González. Red House Painters. Coastal. n.Lannon. Solarstone. The Candlepark Stars. Pallers. Songs of Green Pheasant. Sun Kil Moon. M83. Global Communication. Ulrich Schnauss. Future Unlimited. White Lies. Kruder and Dorfmeister. The Presets. Tosca. Auburn Lull. Cut Copy. Air. Eric Prydz. Hammock. Boards of Canada. The Album Leaf. Enya. Enigma. The xx. Lanterna. Thievery Corporation. Tangelos. Dubtribe Sound System. Man Without Country. The Timewriter. Tycho. Steve Roach. Dido. U2. Coldplay. Green Day. John Mayer. Kylie Minogue. Morrissey. Art of Noise. The Cure. Dead Can Dance. Erasure. Tears for Fears. Dead or Alive. Electronic. Fleetwood Mac. The Human League. Prince. Siouxsie and the Banshees. Thompson Twins. ABBA. Active Child. David Bowie. Hot Since 82. Kate Bush. Martin Roth. OneRepublic. Washed Out.

The carousel of images below showcase some of these favourite artists of mine. Can you name them?

Answer: Pet Shop Boys, Tori Amos, Editors, Sigur Rós, Hurts, Duran Duran, Joy Division, Madonna, New Order, Depeche Mode, Chromatics, Sasha, Janet Jackson, The Mary Onettes, Maximilian Hecker, and GusGus.

Read on.

I hope you find this site interesting, intriguing, and entertaining as you peruse the pages and discover more about the Remark brand. I enjoy sharing my passions with others. When I reflect on my life and all of the components that define me, I hope that I have spent my time wisely with the days I have been given. Since we can’t live forever, my goal is to create things that do.

Still curious to learn more? Email me.