The event of a lifetime.

I never thought I’d be married…I don’t think it was something I really imagined for myself. But after meeting Luis and experiencing our love, it became to clear to me that he was “the one” — the one who would be my husband. He proposed to me in February 2017 and just over a year later, we were formally married in London.

Our wedding was the best day of our lives. Given Luis' talent for theatre and stage design, and my passion for music and putting on shows — we knew from the very beginning that we wanted to design an event that represented a creative culmination of our love. Over the course of 18 months, we both worked very hard to bring that vision to life. We chose a timeless, unique venue in London with such rich history, and then crafted our wedding's theme to exemplify what we love. The final result was a 9-hour celebration, comprised of three spectacular acts.

To showcase this event — the happiness, celebration, and all of the love and care that went into it — we created a dedicated website to archive the event. The page is filled with stories about us, our friends and families, details about the event and the three acts, history of the venue, inspirations behind the theme, and of course photographs and video moments from the day.

Feel free to peruse the dedicated site here:

To provide you with some exciting highlights from our day, you can view a few selected images below. Clicking or tapping on any of the thumbnails will open them in full-size resolution. Many thanks to Lisa Jane Photography, who provided us with hundreds of jaw-dropping, stunning photographs. You can view many more of the incredible moments she captured on our dedicated wedding website.

In addition to viewing these photos, a little further down this page you can watch the video from our first dance (a choreographed number to Madonna’s “Vogue”), which segues into a slideshow from the dance party that followed (with Pet Shop Boys’ uplifting track, “Vocal”, providing the soundtrack). The video certainly showcases the happiness and joy that were themes from the entire day.

After our joyous wedding, we headed to Mallorca off the coast of Spain to spend our honeymoon. It was beyond perfect, it was paradise. Check out the collection of photos in this Flickr album or read highlights on the dedicated honeymoon page of our wedding website.

Moments from Act III: The Celebration. This video features our infamous choreographed first dance and highlights from the celebratory party that followed.

Speaking of the celebratory dance party, if you’re interested in hearing the exclusive Remark mix that concluded the day, take a listen to Wedlock on the Remarkable Podcast in iTunes, Podbean, Soundcloud, or Mixcloud. An embedded link from Mixcloud is provided below.

Luis and I couldn’t be more thankful and thrilled for all of our family and friends who joined in on our day, and for those who helped to make it happen. It will always be a day we will never forget, and absolutely one of the best of our lives. We feel so lucky to have found each other and to share indescribable, never-ending love. Love wins, every time. 🏳️‍🌈

Curious to learn more about our wedding day? Email me.